Elaine Kay, RN, CNS, NP

t. 508.241.9355 | elaine@mindwelltherapy.com
Elaine is a psychiatric nurse practitioner who has been practicing in the medical field for over 15 years. As a nurse, her knowledge of people as integrated, holistic beings has always been the basis of her care. Elaine’s current interest and concentration is helping people feel good about themselves and about life. Utilizing traditional medicine and alternative modalities such as Reiki and meditation, she creates individualized plans that address each patient’s needs, and helps to explore their desires and potential.

In addition to a BA in psychology from the University of Arizona, BSN from UMass Boston, and MSN from UMass Lowell, Elaine has formally trained as a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, EMDR practitioner and meditation specialist. She has worked in the field of psychiatry at MGH and McLean Hospital in addition to seeing patients for medication management and counseling. Her experience and training includes working with the LGBT community, infertility, depression, anxiety, trauma, and recovery from addiction.

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