Mind Well is progressive mental health therapy center located on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Comprised of a team of mental health professionals, we offer traditional Western medicine as well as holistic modalities such as Reiki and meditation to treat psychosocial and psychological disorders.

The goal at Mind Well is to empower each patient to achieve optimal mental health and wellness. Our nurturing, calm environment, and our caring team of expert clinicians, provide the perfect setting to develop strategies and therapies suitable to each individual patient’s needs.

Each patient’s journey to feeling good is different. With an emphasis on the mind, body, and soul, we consider the whole being of each patient, and explore a wide range of conventional medicine including psychotherapy and medication management as well as alternative therapies such as Reiki and meditation. This fully-integrated approach to psychotherapy allows us to create treatment plans that are completely customized to the needs and nurturing of each patient.

The result is a private, patient-centered experience built on a mutual respect and a commitment to embracing positive change. All of us at Mind Well are ready and inspired to help you feel good. Now it’s your turn. The first step is simple. Call or email us today.

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